Although the origins of acupuncture are many thousands of years old and historically opaque, scientifically controlled studies clearly show its efficacy for a host of varied conditions - from enhancing fertility to resolving migraines.

It's far more than the precision placement of tiny needles. Acupuncture triggers a cascade of neuroendocrine responses within the body - the two systems that direct and manage all of our body's homeostatic processes. This means we can not only adjust the release of internal pain mediators and stress hormones - thereby reducing pain and stress - but help keep them down-regulated into the future.

The aim of acupuncture, and its underlying system of Oriental medicine, is to get you back to wellness and provide you with the tools to help maintain and thoroughly enjoy it. The best definition of health is "feeling great" and it is the expectation of an holistic practitioner to make this your reality.

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