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Essential Osteopathy - Kate & Andrew Bolton


Kate Bolton trained at Unitec New Zealand and completed the Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Osteopathy in 2006. Prior to her osteopathic training, she also studied Psychology at Auckland University for three years which complements her holistic view of health.  

She takes a special interest in the effect stress has on our bodies and understands the importance of having someone sit down and take the time to explain why pain or discomfort is occurring. Another interest of Kate's is working with pregnant women to help them accommodate the changes pregnancy brings, as well as preparing for labour.

Andrew Bolton trained at Unitec New Zealand and completed the Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Osteopathy degrees. He has several years’ experience in the osteopathic field and has worked in various clinics across Auckland.

Andrew has always been involved in a number of sports and strengthening/conditioning programmes at fitness centers. This has led to a keen interest in sports injuries and rehabilitation. He enjoys combining his knowledge of exercise prescription with osteopathic care in treating acute and chronic pain conditions. He enjoys the variety of treating all different people and ages at our clinic. This includes babies and children.


Remuera Osteopaths - Aaron Henry & Jane McCulloch


Aaron Henry after finishing his Masters of Osteopathy in Auckland Aaron has worked in several different practices around New Zealand before taking on the ownership of Remuera Osteopaths.

With an extensive background in postural health and alignment Aaron has travelled to the States where he presented his research on posture-related injuries at a conference while fitting as much sight-seeing as possible into the trip. Aaron is especially interested in children’s postural health starting an initiative that aims to provide New Zealand school children with more accessible physical and postural health assessments.

Jane McCulloch graduated from Unitec with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Masters of Osteopathy. Ten years of sports and therapeutic massage, including working with professional NRL players, compliments her osteopathic practice. 

Jane enjoys working with a wide range of people to support a process through osteopathy that enables them to be active members of their family, community and work environments and to achieve movement goals that inspire good health and living. Of particular interest is working with people with chronic pain.