our nutritional biochemist


Elaine Bracefield is a Nutritional Biochemist, who is uniquely positioned to help patients achieve their optimal health. Elaine studied Nutrition and Biochemistry at Otago University.

Her biochemistry studies means she has great understanding of cellular health, genetics and metabolism. She’s fascinated by the body’s innate antioxidant defense systems and specialises in glutathione enhancement, which is essential for the body's natural detoxification pathways.

She has since continued her education to specialize in the field of Nutrigenomics, which is the study of how our genes interact with our diet and lifestyle choices. 

While most nutritionists will factor for diet and lifestyle, Elaine also considers her client’s genetics, gut microbiome balance, antioxidant levels and personal food sensitivities. She does a variety of science based health tests in order to help identify the root causes of her client's health concerns. 

"I believe in taking the guess work out of nutrition, through getting yourself tested. I aim to make all my nutrition guidance accurate and relevant to your needs"

Elaine can help you improve these areas of your health:

  • Weight management

  • High stress levels or low mood

  • Elevated Cholesterol levels

  • Type 2 Diabetes management

  • Hormonal imbalances/infertility

  • Low energy levels

  • Skin concerns such as psoriasis or eczema

  • Gut health complaints

  • Joint pain and arthritis

List of tests and services:

  • One on one nutrition consults

  • Couples consults

  • Family health packages

  • Personalized Nutrition plans

  • DNA testing and summary reports

  • Gut Microbiome (bacteria) testing

  • Body composition analysis

  • Food intolerance testing

  • Practitioner only supplements tailored to your needs

  • Antioxidant scanning to identify your current level of cellular protection