massage therapy

Massage in New Zealand, is used as a complementary or standalone therapy by a number of health care providers.

The practice of massage therapy involves more than applying massage techniques. Massage therapy as a health care approach sits within the wellness model and aims to support clients in balancing mental, emotional, and physical needs. Often a variety of techniques and styles of massage therapy are applied depending on the skill base of each of our ReleaseWorks therapists, their scope of practice, and the principle goal of the massage therapy session.

Massage with ReleaseWorks

Your session may include: relaxation massage; clinical/remedial/therapeutic massage; movement re-education, and energy work. Massage techniques may include, for example, Swedish massage, where the therapist uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration, and tapping; deep tissue massage; myofascial release; neuromuscular therapy and trigger point therapy. treatment allows your whole body to function freely. The result: a significant improvement in your overall wellbeing.

At Parnell Natural Health, we take a holistic approach when diagnosing our patients, ensuring the treatment is tailored to your individual needs.

What does massage therapy treat?

Health maintenance, stress management, sports or everyday life injury rehabilitation, pre and post-operative care, pregnancy, emotional and or psychological disorders, chronic pain. Increases blood and lymphatic circulation, assists in clearing of metabolic wastes, and may help remove excess fluid and swelling. Reduces tension related to muscular pain, speeds up recovery of muscles from exercise. Can reduce nerve irritation and pain, sciatica dysfunction, carpal tunnel syndrome (OOS or RSI), headaches and migraines. Massage offers a whole lot more, so please do ask and we can advise or refer.